A Seven-Day Cleaner

A Seven-Day Cleaner

Our bodies have detoxification built into metabolism, but with the way some people’s eating habits are now, it sometimes needs us to do our part in cleaning itself up. This mostly requires eating healthy and not consuming things like sugar and alcohol for a long period of time, which can be pretty hard.

However, there is a seven-day diet that people can do to kick start the process and start to feel better and more fulfilled, and it’s easier than most people would think.

Easy things people can do

Drinking water is the first method to have a successful metabolic detox and having about two liters a day will help get rid of sodium and other harmful toxins in the body. Drinking regularly both before and after meals can also help eliminate hunger pangs that are mostly just because of thirst.

metabolic detox

Eating proteins and fiber will also keep the stomach feeling full, and can also help be a substitute for sweet items. High fiber and high-water vegetables will also help the water intake and ensure that the liver and kidneys are strong enough to do their job as the body’s detoxifiers.

Recipes that fit with the diet

Egg whites, toast and avocado, omelets, whole grain crackers, and chicken can all be turned into delicious recipes for every meal. Making things like sandwiches, salads, smoothies, and even chili can all be done, it’s just a matter of picking the right ingredients.

So always be sure to research substitutes and be sure to make any modifications to the meals that are necessary in order to make the metabolic detox a success.

After a week, see how the body has reacted to the changes and try to incorporate more of the foods into a regular diet, because the longer the cleaner goes on, the happier the body will be.