What is Low-Stress Handling?

What is Low-Stress Handling?

Animals are unpredictable, and since they can’t talk to humans, it can sometimes be hard to understand what they want and need. Animals can get stressed out, especially when it comes time for a hospital visit.

Hospitals are scary to both humans and pets; the only difference is that pets are more likely to lash out or try to run away when they are placed in a stressful situation with a vet. In order to reduce injuries to both humans and animals, it can be helpful to work with a vet who has training in low-stress handling.

Low stress handling basically means handling and dealing with animals in a way that lowers their fear and ensures that they are calm. This can remove the need to sedate your pet to force them to be calm, as most low-stress handlers not only see the signs of fear in pets but know exactly how to alleviate it.

In addition, vets who practice this type of handling have more trust given to them by their clients. Knowing that the vet is going to make their pet’s experience as calm as it can be will probably have some returning clients!

Stress handling techniques can include walking the pet around, using calming words and body language, and ensuring that the hospital environment is calming. It might all seem like a bit of overkill, but when vets think of animals as people, they seem to do a lot better. After all, if a young child was stressed most doctors would do the same thing.

Low stress handling

Low-stress handling techniques can also work in home environments as well, and might even reveal that the cause for bad animal habits and behavior might even stem from stress. Then the behavior can be corrected, and peace for the household can be restored.